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The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon)

The World Science Fiction Convention is held annually at a location chosen two years prior by the members of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), which is comprised of the members of that year's Worldcon. When the Worldcon is held outside of North America, WSFS members also select a location for a NASFiC, or North American Science Fiction Convention, for that year. When Worldcons are held multiple times in the same city, the name of the convention is often enumerated rather than given a new name.

The first Worldcon was held in July, 1939, in New York, NY. The Long List of Worldcons is maintained on smofinfo.com. More recently, the Worldcon tends to be held in August, or the first weekend in September.

Worldcon Bios

2012: Chicon 7 (Chicago, IL)
The Tormenter and I (John Scalzi), by Ghlaghghee

2015: Sasquan (Spokane, WA)
On Tananarive Due, by Steven Barnes