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Pablo Vazquez. Photo by Cat Trzaskowsky.jpg

Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez III

Pablo Vazquez is a cosplaying neo-victorean (steampunk, etc) retro-futurist conrunner who was born in the Carribean and grew up between Panama City, Panama and San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has been known to edit fanzines, run cons, judge Masquerade costume contests, compose poetry, perform comedic mime, staff Worldcons (very similary to the mime!), sip absinthe, speak eloquently on the issues of the day, and inspire devotion and/or fainting among his admirers. He is currently the chair of a bid for the 2017 North American Science Fiction convention to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Photo by Cat Trzaskowsky

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Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez III: Fan Guest of Honor Appreciation, by Mark Oshiro (Arisia, 2016)

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