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Phil Foglio

Phill Foglio is a writer, gamer, illustrator, and independent publisher who has been very active in the fannish community for decades. Phil got his start in writing and drawing for fanzines, then eventually comics, book covers, card games, and even novels. If you ever read Robert Asprin's MythAdventures series, it was probably one of Phil's covers that drew you to it. Phil and his wife Kaja Foglio write the Gaslight Fantasy comic Girl Genius, one of the first serials to successfully transition from print to the web. Phil also draws the comic.

Phil was first nominated for a Hugo award (Best Fan Artist and, with Robert Asprin, Best Dramative Presentation for the slide show The Capture), in 1976. He lost that year but won Best Fan Artist in 1977 and '78. When the Best Graphic Story Hugo Award category was created, Girl Genius won it the first three years in a row, at which point Phil and Kaja announced in their acceptance speech that they were removing themselves from consideration for the following year. The Award has since gone to many other worthy projects, and seems ready to endure as a viable category, in part thanks to their gesture.

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Phil Foglio, Artist of Genius, by Bill Higgins (2009, Windycon)

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