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Kaja Foglio. Photo by Erik V. Olson

Kaja Foglio

Kaja Foglio is a talented artist, best known for her many illustrations for the Magic:The Gathering collectable card game. She and her husband, Phil Foglio, write the Gaslight Fantasy comic Girl Genius, one of the first serials to successfully transition from print to the web. Kaja also designs graphics for and manages the website of Studio Foglio, as well as the many varied products the studio produces. She also does other commissions and some costuming. She and Phil are frequently found at convention dealer rooms, and sometimes at special Balls held in their honor.

When the Best Graphic Story Hugo Award category was created, Girl Genius won it the first three years in a row, at which point Phil and Kaja announced in their acceptance speech that they were removing themselves from consideration for the following year. The Award has since gone to many other worthy projects, and seems ready to endure as a viable category, in part thanks to their gesture.

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Kaja Foglio: Artist, Writer, Web-Slinger, and Mom, by Alice Bentley (2009, Windycon)

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